Get to know your kɔɪli products (VII): Rosemary oil

Together with bergamot and lavender, rosemary is one of the 'super-power' essential oils we have infused in your butters and intensive oil treatment. This herb is very common and easily accessible but its vast uses are often not known. The oil comes from the thin-needle like leaves of the herb and has a very deep pungent smell. Luckily, a little of the oil goes a long way so you can hardly smell it in our products.

For your hair, this oil stimulates and improves circulation to the scalp thus encouraging hair growth. It also has antibacterial qualities that allow for gentle cleansing. You probably didn't know that it also adds shine, increases shine and fights premature graying. This oil also helps relieve dry, flaky and dandruff ridden scalps so if you suffer from these, you know what to do!

On skin, this oil can help ease muscle aches and tension; cure acne; fade stretch marks and even reduce cellulite. It makes for a great massage or bath oil and has been found to help with indigestion and provide relief to cold, coughs and flu.

And that's not the end of it...a whiff of  rosemary oil can help lower stress and anxiety while providing mental clarity ahead of a big presentation or exam.  You probably didn't know that it can also help cure headaches and boost your immunity.

We really could go on and on but will stop there. Have you used rosemary oil and seen these benefits? Do share!

With peace, love and fros
Team kɔɪli

P.S: Rosemary oil should not be used directly on children under 10 years old because it contains menthol and cineol-two chemicals that stimulate cold receptors in their lungs and can slow breathing to dangerous levels. It is for this reason that we have not used rosemary oil in your baby hair and body butter and it is also the reason why we ensure it is well diffused and blended in our other butters.


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