Easy Power-Puff Updo

This weekend, I got a strooong urge to channel my inner 90s kid and rock a PowerPuff Girl/Janet Jackson inspired updo - the two-puff.

The style is very easy to do especially when working with the right products and well prepped hair. I worked on freshly washed and slightly stretched hair and used my hair and body oil as well as shea, marula and jojoba butter to style.

Step 1: Make a centre part through your hair.

Step 2: Lightly spritz both hair sections  with water or a leave in then apply your oil and butter. Then rake one hair section upwards with fingers into desired position for puff.

(In other news: My hairline is back after the postpartum shedding!) 

Step 3:  Use an old pair of clean pantihose that has been cut to tie each puff in place. I find that the fabric on the pantihose is softer and gentler on my hair and can stretch to accommodate all my volume.Repeat on second puff. Fluff each puff to desired shape. You can also twist them and undo later for a more textured or defined puff.

Step 4: Brush and sleek back your edges with an edge control cream or styling pudding of your choice. I couldn't find my old jar so I put some more butter on then proceeded to the last step of covering my hair with a silk scarf till I was ready to step out.

And there you have it! The final look below:

Totally, Janet/Powerpuff cool, right?


I think so!

With peace love and fro's


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