Kɔɪli Korner: Katlego

This week we have Katlego in our koili seat and we are definitely loving her brush cut suave and regimen :) Enjoy!

Please tell us a little about yourself.
I am Katlego and I am born and bred in Joburg.

Which of the koili butters have you used and for how long? 
I started off with the Green tub (shea. castor and avocado butter) because I preferred the smell. I later switched because the Yellow tub (shea, marual and jojoba butter) because it  has helped with moisturising my dry skin.

What do you use your koili for?  
I primarily use Koili for my skin, and scalp. I wear my hair shaven and I use to have to oil my scalp regularly to avoid dandruff forming from dry shedding skin. The Koili butters have helped nourish my scalp against dry skin.  

Tell us how you use it and how often?    
All day, every day.
Do you have a regimen/routine? If so could you please tell us about it
I open the top gently, dip my finger in to smell the goodness, take 2 minutes to cool off from the high, lather my body, put some on the lips, then take one last whiff to go. I lather from head to toe, in between the fingers and toes, and leave with a sweet smelling sheen when I go. I go through on tub in about 5-6 weeks.

What do you like most about your butter? 
The scent and that I can use it on my body and scalp. I love that my body has a uniform scent that is sweet.

How would you describe your hair texture/ skin? 
My skin is normal/dry combination. My hair is brush-cut suave.

What are some of your problem areas (if any) that require extra care and attention? 
Ashy shin, from sitting in  front of the heater too much.

Anything else you might like to share?
Keep it up!


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