Koili vacay

Hey Koilies,

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This is a quick post on my koili experience in humid weather. I've escaped the cold, harsh, Gauteng weather and I'm on the coast for the week. It is blissful! The weather is tropical and humidity is high. Now I love humidity but my fro and skin don't always agree. Enter my koili butter - I have been astounded by how amazingly my tub of Castor&Avo butter has done. I've used it for everything from a moisturizer, after-sun balm, hair refuge and general all rounder and it has been outstanding. My skin is even and my tan is epic. It has also helped be stave off that after-sun dryness and burning that i'm susceptible to.  

On my hair, my koili has represented to the fullest. I have many thin strands which tend to get drier in sunny, humid weather. Not this time! I've been using my butter over water and a little conditioner and the results are glorious. Sleek, moisturized locks firmly held in a sleek bun - perfection. Not a single fly-away and no fear of snapped ends on my scrunchy. I can't keep my fingers out of my hair or off my skin which feels like satin. Plus, I smell divine - my perfume has taken a back seat! Definitely a vacation victory! Next time you are off to the coast, please do yourself a favour and pack your koili products - everything else is a waste of time. Keep us posted on your koili vacation escapades in the comments below.


Peace, love and fros



  1. That bestie is a beastie! I am with you there that it is an excellent all rounder. And that scent, GAH! It is just too heavenly <3 <3 <3