KƆɪLI & Pregnant?

Hi there koilies!
This week, we are tackling one of our frequently asked questions: Whether our products are safe for use in pregnancy.

While you should always check with your medical practitioner first, the answer for must of our users has been that not only are their koili goodies safe, they come with added benefits for them and their growing baby.

The shea butter as well as coconut and olive oils found in your butters deeply penetrate your skin and get in there to keep your changing body soft and supple all the way through pregnancy. Castor and Avocado oils oil can also help in reducing blemishes and spots. Rubbing a thick layer over your damp skin right after your shower or even adding some to your bath should do wonders in having you looking and feeling on top of the world.

Your butter can also double up as a nipple balm to help deal with cracked, chapped or sensitive nipples during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.

While our butters contain essential oils, the ratio used is relatively small and should be safe for expectant mothers.* In particular, the lavender and bergamot essential oils found in your butters can  help in relieving stress, anxiety and fear and even help with insomnia.

And then there's your hair. You may experience insane growth as you undergo all those hormonal changes and then go through postpartum shedding with thinning, breakage and hairline damage. Your castor and avo butter as well as intensive oil treatment can all help keep your hair well-conditioned , nourished and moisturised through this journey, helping to minimise hair loss during pregnancy and after birth.

And that's it! How have you used koili products while pregnant? Let us know!

*If in doubt, please consult your medical practitioner


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