Introducing: Kɔɪli Intensive Oil Treatment

Thinning Hairlines. Split ends. Balding. Shedding. We have all had to deal with these at some point or another and they sure ain't pretty. I had my fair share when I experienced postpartum shedding and I am still trying to get my hairline to what it once was.

You kɔɪlies have also let us know that this a recurring problem you face and it has been caused by everything from  everyday stress to having babies to those super tight braids and weaves. You have asked us for a dedicated product to deal with this and  we are excited to today announce the introduction of our Kɔɪli Intensive Oil Treatment. 

This dynamite potion is like your Shea, Castor  & Avo butter but on steroids. Here we upped the castor and avocado oils for an invigorating treatment to stimulate hair growth, fight thinning and repair those damaged hairlines. This fella is also infused with peppermint oil that helps stimulate blood circulation and has an invigorating scent that is sure to get your scalp all tingly. 

This addition to the kɔɪli family is all about caring for the delicate areas of your hair and scalp and will partner with your butters in taking the best care of your mane. It is just as good for the girls as it is for the guys, so gents please get in there too! We trust that you will all love the goodness as much as we do. 

Email us at to order and feel free to drop your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. 

With peace, love and fros

Team kɔɪli


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