Behind the scenes: kɔɪli shoot

First things first,  happy new year kɔɪlies!

Hope you had a relaxing break and are ready to take on the new year with new energy and gusto.

We certainly are and kicked things off with a kɔɪli photo shoot this past weekend for our soon to be unveiled new products and website :) We can't tell you much else yet but we can bet you the wait will be worth your time!

We spent last Sunday with our good friend and talented photographer Aalia Cassim taking some very cool pictures of our products (if we may say so ourselves).We were feeling super creative talking about lighting, props, angles and textures. Had us daydreaming about maybe one day being creative directors and all.

We also had a very special assistant on the day in the form of my son who mostly busied himself eating our props and chasing Aalia's cat.

At the end of it all, we had the vanilla and cocoa butter smell of koili wafting through the house; a happy, full and sleeping baby; three tired amigos and best of all, a good range of pics we will be sharing with you soonest.

With peace, love and fros
Team kɔɪli


  1. Lovely post- Excited to see the photo's on the website!

    1. We owe you a massive thank you for the amazing pictures. You lady, are a superstar!

  2. Hello (waves). Just got some word about your hair care range. (I didn't get her name but I am sure it was Aalia passing by Work Shop Newtown Junction in JHB). Anyways, I was looking for an email address. Would love to try out your products as well as update my Locally Available Healthy Hair Care list. Let know your thoughts.

    1. Hi Joan (waves back). Thanks for your interest. You can reach us at Look forward to hearing from you.