Kɔɪli Korner: Moji & Aisha

This week, we have yummy mummy Moji and daughter Aisha sharing their koili hair regimen with us. Moji has been the darling behind my box braids and has also taught me a thing or two about taking care of my hair and my son's.  

Introduce yourself:
My name is Moji Musa, I'm Nigerian and grew up in quite a few places (Nigeria, Iraq, Switzerland, UK) but now reside in Pretoria, South Africa.

How would you describe your hair texture?
I'm still learning a lot about my hair but I'm guessing I have a 4b/4c hair type.

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month, and the rationale behind your various styling decisions:
Over the past few months, I have kept my natural hair in box braids. I love the style because I find it very low maintenance and protective. It also allows easy access for my desired hair products. I don't have a very strict hair regimen but I try to keep shampoo washing to 2 times a month and use the LOC (leave-in. oil. cream.) method every 2-3 days. 

Describe your favourite go-to hairstyle for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
My favourite go-to hairstyle would be a swept up bun but I find I'm gradually becoming addicted to box braids.

Did you transition or big chop? Share your natural hair journey with us!
I started off with a big chop (1.5cm length)  2 years ago and because I didn't know better, gradually started Ghanaian Cornrows when I attained some length (5.1cm).  Many Ghanaian cornrows later when my hair had attained more length, my hair stylist recommended I "blow out" my hair with a relaxer as it was very coily and harder to comb through prior to styling. I agreed and she over did it one day leaving my hair relaxed as a result (shock-horror). At this stage I ended up with partially relaxed hair and a receding hairline-which was the reason for my big chop in the first place! I was still in a dilemma about how to grow back my edges moving forward and decided to keep my hair in cornrows using only my hair. Fast forward a few months later, I was abroad (earlier this year) and visited another stylist who put in single twists (using afro hair extensions) for me and advised me never to agree to a "blow out" treatment again. My hair has grown much longer since that misadventure and as advised, I haven't touched it with a relaxer again. I am now transitioning so I can attain enough length to chop off the relaxed ends!  Since meeting Wunmi (from Team Koili), I have learnt much more about my hair and I'm now a firm believer that having long and beautiful natural hair IS possible- a fact I have always been very sceptical about! 

How do you combat shrinkage? (if you do)
In the past, my solution to shrinkage was a blow out using a relaxer. Now, I don't really bother about shrinkage as my hair care regimen + box braids/ cornrows keeps my hair soft even after taking it out. 

What are some of your problem areas (if any) that require extra care and attention?
My problem areas are my temples. During my "hair illiterate" days I got so wound up in the beauty of Ghanian cornrows ("ghana weaving") and as a result lost of lot of hair at the front.

Which of the koili butters have you used and for how long?
I have tried both of the Koili butters and have been consistent with the product for close to 3 months now. At the moment, I am using the Shea, castor and avo butter koili creme.

Tell us how you use it and how often
The koili creme is central to my LOC hair regimen so I can say that I use it up to 3 times a week. I also use it on my daughter (she is almost a year and half) and it has helped in closing the gaps in her baby hair. Her hair is also very fine and I find the butter has helped thicken and strengthen it.  

What do you like most about your butter?
What's not to like about the butter?! What I like most is what it has actually done for my hair (condition, moisturize and regrowth). I also have to commend the Koili Team on the quality of the ingredients and how AMAZING it smells :) 


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