Box Braids on Natural Hair

Although I am generally happy to have my hair in a bun, my current hair situation has had me wondering if I should get a more protective style to help reduce the breakage, knotting and shedding I have been experiencing recently. I figured it might be a good idea to put in box braids after wash day. Unfortunately (like in the picture above), I tried to do this after 10 pm when the house was finally quiet but I was snoring next to my son after just doing two plaits. 

Luckily, my friend (shout out to Moji)  offered to help me over the weekend. We got comfy in front of the TV with warm cups of tea in hand and she got cracking doing the box braids for me. She was very particular about getting the partings straight and detangling which God knows I needed. Because I am generally too lazy to part my hair properly, I tend to make the existing tangles only worse. Before braiding each medium-sized section (roughly 30 of them), she: 

  • Spritzed  with a mix of water, castor, olive and coconut oils
  • Coated with Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner 
  • Slicked with my Koili Castor and Avo butter (focusing on tips)

You can bet my hair and I both felt super pampered after that and in about 2 and a half hours we were done. I am really enjoying that I can now apply my butter more easily and frequently to both my edges and tips without struggling to part my dense afro first. Unlike buns which tend to pull at the hairline, my braids are loose enough to ensure that my edges are not stretched and strained. They are also very flexible because they can be rinsed, styled in twists or even curled. I am also looking forward to trying my apple cider vinegar rinse with them in and washing my hair freely without first sectioning and detangling. 

One note of caution: Keeping your box braids for too long without properly moisturising them can only aggravate existing damage and shedding in your hair. I intend on keeping them for a maximum of four weeks and redoing those that look frayed and old by the second week.

Do you do box braids on your natural hair and what do you like most about them?

Do share! 

With love, peace and fro's




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