Get to know your kɔɪli butters (Part I)


Thank you for your interest in our flagship hair range that caters for natural hair! It is called kɔɪli. Read:  Koili or say koy-lee. Either way it’s our great stuff.

The kɔɪli butters are completely natural and are made from shea butter and natural oils sourced from Swaziland, Mozambique, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria. Yup, this stuff should have a passport. They contain no synthetic preservatives, no colourants, no parabens and no mineral oils so they can care for your tresses and skin naturally and effectively. All this and they still somehow manage to smell like ice cream.
Our aim is to provide a butter that nourishes, moisturises and conditions your hair and can also be used on your skin with the same benefits. While our core target market is the natural hair community, these products work just fine for your hair irrespective of its texture (relaxed, straight, wavy, dreadlocked). 

While we are working on expanding the range to shampoos, leave in conditioners and sprays, we currently have two variations of the butter available for your use. In addition to shea butter, coconut and olive oil and essential oils, one has marula and jojoba oil and the other has castor and avocado oil. 
Castor & Avocado are thicker oils that get in there to help strengthen and fortify dry or damaged skin and hair. They fight thinning and balding, stimulate growth and rejuvenation, act as a natural sunscreen and ward off dandruff. This variation is coca butter flavoured.

Marula & Jojoba oils are much lighter and non-greasy. Marula is great for stimulating scalp health and hair growth while Jojoba closely matches your hair’s natural oil and helps add shine. This variation is vanilla flavoured.

In upcoming parts of the 'Get to know your butter' serieswe will provide more information about Shea butter, coconut and olive oils as well as the other two oil variations in your butter.

Here's to your happy hair! 


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